This App will give you the chance to test and to improve your English level with practice. The main objective of Ready4PET is to assess whether you are prepared to take the Cambridge English: B1 Preliminary exam, also known as Preliminary English test (PET).  Besides, not only does this App help those who plan to take this exam, it is also useful for users who want to see how ready they are to start preparing for the Cambridge English Qualification B2 First, or First Certificate in English (FCE). Whatever the plan, you can definitely take advantage of this App, quizzing your English level or helping you to get better and better at English.

This App has been developed by experienced English teachers who have worked in close collaboration on its contents. They have mainly focused on the common mistakes which exam candidates make while preparing to take this qualification in English.

By creating Ready4PET App, our goal is to provide you with all the necessary learning tools in order to successfully pass the Cambridge Exams. We will continuously work on it to offer our users much more content, including new categories such as Writing, Speaking and Listening, likewise we will come with more material on Grammar and Vocabulary.


You can easily and totally free create an account. You should simply click on “Create Account”. Then, type in your email address and a password you want. Finally, press on “Register” and you will have your account ready.

You can reset your password in case you forgot it. To do so, you need to click the “Forgot Password”. Next, insert your email address and then, click “Send”. You will shortly receive an email with a validation code which must be introduced where point 2 in this picture shows you. Finally, click “Validate”. Once everything is done, you will be able to choose another password for your account.

If you want to reset your data to start quizzing your English again, you should access the menu by clicking on the left screen corner icon and then, “Reset progress”.

This is the main App screen. On this screen you can do the following:

  • Keep track of your data and progress. You can see how much of each category you have done and the score you have got. Thanks to this, you can easily know whether you are ready to pass the PET level in the given categories.
  • Choose and change the image of your character. When clicking on it, you can see a wide range of images where you can choose from.
  • Access to the menu to log out, reset your progress, report problems, etc.
  • Access one of the categories to start or continue doing any of the content units.

On this screen you can see the complete list of tests that every category includes.  Besides, we show you the progress in each test so that you know  what tests you have already completed or still dealing with, likewise those you haven’t still started to work on.

Even though you have done all the questions from a test, you can always start doing them again. Please remember, if you do it better this time, your score will rise on the main screen, and if you do it worse, the score will go down.

We consider very important that you can do the quizzes more than once in order to fully understand and learn through the various explanations each question is followed by.

Every test has a set of questions to be done. Once the user has chosen one of the options given, correct or wrong will automatically be shown on the screen. We will always provide you with an explanation for the correct option so that you understand every question and go on improving your level. Last but not least, you will see two buttons, one to go to the next question, and another, to listen to the audio for the complete correct sentence.

Once all the tests from all the different categories have been done, we recommend you to go on practicing so that you fully understand each explanation every question of the App is followed by.

On the other hand, we continuously work on bringing more content into Ready4PET and keeping our App updated and improved. For this reason, you will find newly added content and App updates to provide you with new  features so that you make good use of our App.